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Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN

It’s Never Too Late for Elderly Adults to Quit Smoking

Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN: It's Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN: There are more than 4 million elderly adults in the United States that smoke. While most people know that smoking is not good for their health, they still have a difficult time quitting. Many seniors are under the false impression that they are too old to quit, or that quitting won’t make a difference in their health after so many decades of smoking.

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What is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?


Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, has gotten a tremendous amount of attention in the last few years, which might have you wondering what exactly this disease is and how it might impact your elderly loved one.

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Packing a Zipper Bag “Comfort Kit” for Your Day Trips

Elder Care in St. Cloud, MN Going on day trips with your aging parents is a great way to shake up their elder care routine and keep them physically and mentally active. While you are out with them, or one of your parents is out with his caregiver, however, it is important to keep in…

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Elderly Care Recipes: Homemade Caramel Chews


Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN Making treats for your loved ones is a wonderful way to make any day of your elderly care journey feel more special and to remind your seniors how much you care about them. Even better, making the treats together allows you to spend quality time with them and pursue…

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5 Reasons Elderly Relatives Might Be Avoiding Showers

Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN

Elderly Care in St. Cloud MN Your elderly uncle always took good care of himself, so it was a shock to see that he had not showered in a few days when you last visited him. There are several reasons that this could be happening, and home care providers may be able help you to…

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Prairie River Home Care Sets Up at Senior Expo in St. Cloud, MN

On Aug. 16th 2014 Jennifer Sommerfeld, RN, St. Cloud General Manager and Jennie Gaebel, Staffing Manager set up the Prairie River Home Care booth/table at the annual Senior Expo held at the St. Cloud Rivers Edge Convention Center. It was estimated that 1,200 people attended this annual event catering to people who are interested in…

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Elderly Care in St. Cloud, MN: Not Accepting Caregivers

Elderly Care in Blaine, MN

What can you do when your elderly father won’t accept the help of outside caregivers? It can be so frustrating when you are the primary family member making sure your dad is receiving care. It can seem like he is just being stubborn and is holding out so you will give in and become his…

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