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Posts by Lori Seeman

Do You Know the Signs of Inadequate Nutrition in Seniors?

Elder Care in St. Cloud MN: Signs of Inadequate Nutrition

Elder Care in St. Cloud MN: If you have an elderly loved one in your life, you might often feel concerned about their health. There are many illnesses and diseases that the elderly are more open to as they age, and they have a higher risk of injury due to mobility issues. However, there is a very common problem that is much simpler than these things, yet it often goes unnoticed.

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Games to Keep Seniors Mentally Sharp

Caregiver in Marshall MN: Games to Keep Seniors Mentally Sharp

Caregiver in Marshall MN: Keeping the mind fit is just as important as keeping physically fit, and you can help your elderly loved one stay sharper for longer with brain games. Certain games have been shown to boost attention, sharpen problem solving skills, extend memory and increase cognitive stamina.

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Bulking Up Supper during National Fruit and Veggies Month

Senior Care in Blaine MN: Adding Fruits and Vegetables to Meals

Senior Care in Blaine MN: In your role as a family caregiver, one of the most important things that you will do is make sure that your senior eats the types of foods that will keep their body healthy and strong, and that will help to ward off serious health complications and issues as they age in place.

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